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How I made my movie “The Linux Guy”

I know this post is not technical…I had a dream to do something out of box…always dreamt to write ebooks, stories,poems..etc then one suddenly in the night in wee hours don’t know how a thought make me awake it was around write something to make clean movies with inspiring subjects showing practicality of the lives…struggles,loves, breakups,jobs,finances,family we all go through a lot in our lives…so why not to write a concept which can touch people hearts and’s then  the title “The Linux Guy” came into my mind..a wonderful script…I started writing…and characters came up one by one…it was like god from above was pushing me to write this concept and make a movie out of it. Linux is something I started earning bread and butter out of it changed my life so i.e why I always  wanted to give something back to the Linux and dedicated the below song to all the people who love linux and been working-supporting to Linux. It’s a fantastic operating system, being robust and scalable. Well this movie of mine is not only about Linux but it is more about students, teachers…their struggles ,dreams and their lives get evolved…I bet you would love to watch the film “The Linux Guy” soon.

Nothing is impossible my dad said to me..if you have diligence,honesty,conscience, positivity you can really make a difference. I didn’t knew ABC about script writing,screenplays, music,videos,cameras,editing,VFX..and suddenly I started reading about them…meeting people…some people said it’s a great concept..but you need good finances some said…man you are a newbie..are you sure you can do this…make a short film,documentaries…etc but I thought if I have to make it I would make atleast a feature film with meaningful songs..and concept.. then an year dream came into reality…finally I made it…there are various people who have been greatest support in this dream…Adilkhan from Rapzone productions gave awesome tracks & music, Divyang Parmar (Editor),Nirav Bhalgamia,-Tapan Patel-Amit Tadvi(VFX-Camera) ,Mousam deb and team for costume, actors Siddarth purohit, kashish ojha, raj patel,RV patel,Het Patel,Harsh patel,Kirtan patel,Kavita rahevar,Sunil shah,  Rushik chopra, Yash joshi,Rajan patel, Juhi tekchandani, Axangi mehta, Siddarth barot,Mitali jain, Zeel Patel,Zeel trivedi, nidhi hirenath, Manthan jain, choreographer Guddu rana sir, and his students,  akshat nagar(Singer), Al farhan shaikh(Singer), abhiraj amin(Singer), Indus staff and teachers…monica mam,khyati rami mam,madhavi mam, nilesh modi sir (Head-MCA) and respected Meeta Mam (Head -Indus University) without whom this  dream wasn’t possible. my best friends abhishek singh, dhananjay agrawal,sarvapriya malhotra who stood up with me in my thick and thin…there are many more I guess if missed..I apologize. I have brainstormed with each one of them for this project…and best thing is when people appreciate and like your work…it’s overwhelming..I guess you all would also love it..and I insist chase your dreams, follow your heart…work hard,be positive, they do come true….your own Alok Thaker (Director-Writer-Producer-Screenplay) of the movie “The Linux Guy” and also working on my another project “Things To Do”.

Love-Alok Thaker


Solr ,lucene and elasticsearch

Solr and elasticsearch are the most widely used search servers competing against each other built on top of lucene. Lucene is a very rich and powerful full text search library written in Java which also provides Java-based indexing and search technology, as well as spellchecking, hit highlighting and advanced analysis/tokenization capabilities.

Elasticsearch is mostly based for REST API . REST API defines a set of functions which developers can perform requests and receive responses via HTTP protocol such as GET and POST. Elasticsearch and solr are built on lucene but have many differences between them in indexing, searching  API etc. For more details you can see

To learn how to install Elasticsearch on centos 7 I followed the below link quite  clear and helpful.

To install apache-solr on centos 7 please follow the link below :-

Feel free for any comments or queries.

-Alok Thaker