Why should you watch my movie “The Linux Guy” ?

Hello Friends,

I have been earning my bread and butter since last 8 years of my career and have been love with this fantastics OS i.e called Linux which has been a milestone breakthrough in IT introducing open source philosophy considering enormous amount of money for the companies who required to run proprietary software paying huge licensing fees for the renewal,support and upgrades.

This idea of developing a new OS by Sir Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman the main man behind the open source (GPL) brought a revolution by introducing OS & Softwares with Linux clubbed with open source model under GPL(General Public License).

I always was thinking out of box and do something in the entertainment industry along with my regular job. It took time and guts to make a movie called “The Linux Guy” to give something back to the linux the OS which has paid my bills and also helped many students of mine to get a good remuneration jobs across the world. I was nicnk named as “The Linux Guy” being invited to various open source conferences to speak on Linux along with various colleges ,schools and universities. Linux also got me published in newspaper and also helped many students to undertake the non conventional careers under Linux like Linux system administration,networking-security, embedded Linux, device drivers, cloud etc.

So my movie is almost complete and I would insist once that every Linuxite and IT professional should watch my movie and support me. I have given my heart and soul including my hard earned money to this movie.  Please support me and spread the word among your circles,groups,network of friends & relatives to watch my movie “The Linux Guy”


Alok Thaker

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