Monthly Archives: December 2016

Song on Linux from my movie “The Linux Guy”

There have been very few or almost none a song on Linux being one of my favourite OS. So¬† I asked my music director to help me a nice song as my movie is titled “The Linux Guy”.

The Linux Guy is an interesting english movie which is going to be released soon. It’s a great story line of losers turning into achievers, talking about youth who are going through a lot then how does a teacher arrival’s in the college turn the thin

So I want an emotional connect in the song and it took lots of understanding/brainstorming sessions to make this song possible and I hope all linuxites,linux lovers would love,watch and share this song from my movie “The Linux Guy”. It’s great that we also got listed on imdb :-

Please don’t forget to watch this song. Please love,share and subscribe.


Alok Thaker