Monthly Archives: February 2017

Got Listed on IMDB in top 40k celeb list with starmeter 39252

Well days have been great this far in 2017…The Linux Guy has been liked and praised in international film festivals including my IMDB starmeter ranking being in top40k list with a starmeter of 39252 with likes of various million celebs in the world.

It feels great when you achieve that kind of feat. imdb-starmeter


I feel a great sense of accomplishment achieving the success which required lot of hard work,pains, financial troubles to make the linux guy a dream project. I am also working on my next project Things To Do which is also a great storyline including Johny a web series consisting of mixed martial arts and a griling drama plus action.

On Linux front I would start some interesting posts by next week and get it more tight and intact on hot topics which would be helpful for all the linuxites.

Thanks for all the love,support and kindness to me and my movie “The Linux Guy”.


Alok Thaker