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P2V and V2V migration

Hello Friends,

In today’s world on premises infrastructure is been reducing due to majority of the giants,SME’s are going for cloud based hosted infrastructure unless there is a need of major security applications like banking sector etc but now they are also following the approach of P2V(Physical to virtual) and V2V(Virtual to Virtual).

Vmware Converter tools are being rapidly use for this migration. You can use the converter to convert your VM images to migrate to another environment and also to cloud.VMware vCenter Converter Standalone is a free tool that shops can use to import VMs from other virtualization platforms into vSphere or perform a hassle-free P2V & V2V migration.

If you want to know some detailed steps below links might help :-

There are various whitepapers also available on internet for the same.

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-Alok Thaker