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Bitcoin & digital cryptocurrency mining in Linux & it’s future

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Considering the digital world expansion and acceptance the day is very much nearby where digital crypto currencies are taking over the world and redefining the payment standards online.

Bitcoin is the world first crypto currency which has emerged to be so successful that it one bitcoin is valuing to 4198.57 US Dollar when I am writing this post. There has been more than 200% increase in it’s value compared to previous year of 2016 and acceptance of bitcoin has increased & various ecommerce portals,hotels,restaurants have started accepting it.

Major question surrounds how you can buy/sell bitcoins or you can mine bitcoins. Bitcoin mining is the process of using your optimal hardware to run a mining software to solve mathematical problem by generation of hash code and then it gets converted to blockchains which in turn gives you some x amount of bitcoins on each solution of mathematical problem solved.

As per NASDAQ :-

Though it’s hard to mine bitcoin now a days on your local desktop or computers as network of billions of people mining thousands has increases so your share also gets segregated into fractions so the people are now trying to buy bitcoins and sell it as per the market demand. Many websites and mobile applications are there who are selling/buying bitcoins.

Some of them are as below :- (For Indians)

I cannot predict more about the future of bitcoin but yes acceptance of digital cryptocurrencies is increasing. There are many  other digital crypto currencies which have emerged such as Ethereum,Litecoin, dash etc. More information on :-

Being a linux fanatic & enthusiast CGMiner is an opensource software for mining in linux. There are many others which are opensource & can be used in windows,mac & linux.

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