New Album released with help in social causes Urvashi

Dear Readers,

It has been long time I didn’t shoot any album after 31st Dec, after daughters are blessings. So kind of tie up with various ngo’s for social causes I decided to entertain the audience and people with every view on my latest album urvashi going for social causes like cancer,old age homes, handicapped people etc. I am aossociated with and run various campaigns locally and online for crowdfunding for the people. Some of the campaigns I have run are

I also run local campaigns in Vadodara Gujarat for various social causes and also social awareness programmes on cancer,diabetes,heart attack causes etc. So very view counts for us and we would give 2Rs per view on this album with tie up with various contributors & sponsors for social causes. We would also post pics & video for the donation given from the album as well. So please do watch,share & subscribe on Alok Thaker youtube channel or Alok Film Production Youtube channel.

Cheers & Happy Linuxing :)
Alok Thaker

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