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Using Certbot & LetsEncrypt,ZeroSSL for free SSL Certificates

Dear All,

I have been asked questions that is there an alternative for SSL certificates. Well it’s nice to have one i.e LetsEncrypt which gives you free SSL for atleast 90 days on your registered domain. Not only this you can use this certificate on Amazon Web Services Load Balancer and also on MS Azure cloud portals.

I personally have tried it and you can use the certbot utility to generate certificates for your domain. Not only certbot command lets you generate certificates but also helps you to auto deploy it with nginx/apache webservers too without any hiccups also firing a rewrite rule for redirecting traffic from http to https too.

On the renewal date certbot renew can be used to renew your domain SSL Certificates too.

To understand and implement LetsEncrypt for say your wordpress site you can use the following link :-

Generate Lets Encrypt Free HTTPS SSL Certificate

One more alternative which you can use is and also can be used for windows.

Feel free for any questions/queries.

Alok Thaker