About me

Complete package believes in being a brand.Loves & Works on Linux.Model, Actor,Writer,Producer & Movie Director too. Motivational and open source speaker. Philanthropist too.Given workshops,seminars on linux,network security and worked on innovative projects related to Raspberry pi, kiosks, linux,clouds,embedded etc.Guided students of MCA,BE,MTECH,ME on various open source projects and research papers.

I have made a movie named “The Linux Guy” & writing another script named “Things to Do”. You would see them in international film festivals soon by 2017 and also screened/released if I get good distributors who like the film. The Linux Guy movie is on amazon prime now and streaming live. Things To Do is a bollywood which you would see you soon. I am also working on Johnny web series which is having a great story line including mixed martial arts plus stunts.

International working exposure in US,Japan,APAC(Singapore) and also in data centers. I am from a safe and peaceful city Vadodara located in Gujarat from lovely country India.


Be positive, have faith in yourself, do good karmas, smile & keep rocking.

Reach me on +91-9925519798 and email me on alok.akki@gmail.com

Instagram :- https://instagram.com/alokrocking

FB :- https://www.facebook.com/alok.thaker

Stackoverflow :- http://stackoverflow.com/users/2758552/linux-fanatic (Reputation more than 2k and always in top contributor list)