Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment

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Long time I haven’t been blogging for while as been busy with loads of work stuff. So today’s topic I am going to cover is CICD(Continuous Integration,Continuous Delivery & Continuous Deployment) using open source tools for Linux.

Best tools for CICD is apache jenkins,Team City,Gitlab CI,Drone etc. I personally prefer jenkins over all because it gives loads of flexibility for a devops guy to build,automate and deploy making it the most suitable.

Few Posts which I found useful to start for me with jenkins are as follows :-

It’s your choice of which tool you want to go for CICD but I would surely suggest for jenkins.

Feel free for any questions/queries.

-Alok Thaker

Using Rdist a remote file distribution utility

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I was working on remote sychronization of pushing files to various servers normally preferred choice was to do an ssh and rsync with password less authentication but somehow came to know about rdist tool which is quite handy tool for remote sync transfer of files.

rdist requires rsh to be installed which you can do on a centos box by the command yum install -y rsh rdist

After installation is done. You have to create distfile for the remote transfer but before writing a file you have to setup password less authentication between the nodes which you want to transfer files. Following are the steps for the same :-
#ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 1024
#ssh-copy-id root@ (To transfer the keys for password less authentication)

Create a distfile for eg with following syntax :-

HOSTS = ( ldap1 root@ldap1 )

FILES = (/root/tdist/* )

(${FILES}) -> (${HOSTS})
install -R ;
${FILES} :: /root/tdist/*
notify root@ldap1;
# End of distfile file

The file commands are quite self explanatory. HOSTS refers to the remote host where the file needs to be transferred with the username.Files refer to the files to be transferred and destination. If the directory tdist is not there it would be created and all files in tdist directory would be remotely transferred. After first revision if the files are there and not updated on source host the files won’t be updated. Another advantage of rdist is that it keeps the timestamp,permissions,ownerships intact.

Now how to run the rdist command with ssh protocol.
rdist -P /usr/bin/ssh -f /rdist/distfile

You should be able to see the verbose output of the successful transfer.

Cheers. Please feel free for any queries/suggestions.

-Alok Thaker

Camera,Rolling & Action-Things To Do

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After living a dream of the linux guy streaming on amazon prime. Me,Adilkhan Balooch & Anzerkhan Balooch dreamt of making a hindi bollywood movie which not only gives a strong social message on male chauvinism,dowry,domestic voilence,caste politics etc but also show your things to do in your life what you can achieve if you want too.

After the linux guy which had a message how a linux professor comes in college and changes the lives of 4 losers and make them successful. Things To Do is your story,mine story and everyone’s story it’s a journey of ups and downs of various individuals who are willing to get their things to do at any cost. It has romance,thrill,action,glamour,college and relates to you being a disabled dancer, a struggling RJ, a married women who wanted to be pilot, a canteen guy who want to become a basketball national player,a college politician who wanted to win elections big time and what not. Please love,share and support as we are new film makers but with sense of creative cinema. All talented artist are taken from gujarat (India) and they have shown their metal. I request all the viewers and bloggers to check out the trailer and support us in giving a good cinema.

This is a hindi bollywood project titled “Things To Do”.

Things To Do is not my story it’s everyone’s story…inspired from real stories from apru gujarat and shot in apru ahmedabad….Check out the official trailer now…Love,share & support common that we have tons of talent and we rock anywhere anytime.

Check out the trailer now on :-

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Daughters are blessing new year video & message from Alok Thaker

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Wishing you all my readers and viewers a fabulous new year ahead with loads of goodies plus god blessings to you and family. As an entertainer I wanted to start a new year with a message of saving the girl child and to emphasis how daughters makes anyone’s world complete. Though I am single but still really love this little angels and I request that girls have all the rights to live their dreams and goals. They should be provided full support  without any discrimination. Request you to love,share and subscribe to our channel. We would keep providing quality content.


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Mera Laung Gawacha my new album

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Wishing everyone in India & Abroad a very happy diwali. May this diwali bring loads of joy,prosperity & happiness in all our lives.  Giving you all my new album mera laung gawacha with a message about true love finds true partners.  Please love,share & subscribe to my youtube channel Alok Film Production.


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Bitcoin & digital cryptocurrency mining in Linux & it’s future

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Considering the digital world expansion and acceptance the day is very much nearby where digital crypto currencies are taking over the world and redefining the payment standards online.

Bitcoin is the world first crypto currency which has emerged to be so successful that it one bitcoin is valuing to 4198.57 US Dollar when I am writing this post. There has been more than 200% increase in it’s value compared to previous year of 2016 and acceptance of bitcoin has increased & various ecommerce portals,hotels,restaurants have started accepting it.

Major question surrounds how you can buy/sell bitcoins or you can mine bitcoins. Bitcoin mining is the process of using your optimal hardware to run a mining software to solve mathematical problem by generation of hash code and then it gets converted to blockchains which in turn gives you some x amount of bitcoins on each solution of mathematical problem solved.

As per NASDAQ :-

Though it’s hard to mine bitcoin now a days on your local desktop or computers as network of billions of people mining thousands has increases so your share also gets segregated into fractions so the people are now trying to buy bitcoins and sell it as per the market demand. Many websites and mobile applications are there who are selling/buying bitcoins.

Some of them are as below :- (For Indians)

I cannot predict more about the future of bitcoin but yes acceptance of digital cryptocurrencies is increasing. There are many  other digital crypto currencies which have emerged such as Ethereum,Litecoin, dash etc. More information on :-

Being a linux fanatic & enthusiast CGMiner is an opensource software for mining in linux. There are many others which are opensource & can be used in windows,mac & linux.

Please feel free for any comments or queries.

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