Mera Laung Gawacha my new album

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Wishing everyone in India & Abroad a very happy diwali. May this diwali bring loads of joy,prosperity & happiness in all our lives.  Giving you all my new album mera laung gawacha with a message about true love finds true partners.  Please love,share & subscribe to my youtube channel Alok Film Production.


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Bitcoin & digital cryptocurrency mining in Linux & it’s future

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Considering the digital world expansion and acceptance the day is very much nearby where digital crypto currencies are taking over the world and redefining the payment standards online.

Bitcoin is the world first crypto currency which has emerged to be so successful that it one bitcoin is valuing to 4198.57 US Dollar when I am writing this post. There has been more than 200% increase in it’s value compared to previous year of 2016 and acceptance of bitcoin has increased & various ecommerce portals,hotels,restaurants have started accepting it.

Major question surrounds how you can buy/sell bitcoins or you can mine bitcoins. Bitcoin mining is the process of using your optimal hardware to run a mining software to solve mathematical problem by generation of hash code and then it gets converted to blockchains which in turn gives you some x amount of bitcoins on each solution of mathematical problem solved.

As per NASDAQ :-

Though it’s hard to mine bitcoin now a days on your local desktop or computers as network of billions of people mining thousands has increases so your share also gets segregated into fractions so the people are now trying to buy bitcoins and sell it as per the market demand. Many websites and mobile applications are there who are selling/buying bitcoins.

Some of them are as below :- (For Indians)

I cannot predict more about the future of bitcoin but yes acceptance of digital cryptocurrencies is increasing. There are many  other digital crypto currencies which have emerged such as Ethereum,Litecoin, dash etc. More information on :-

Being a linux fanatic & enthusiast CGMiner is an opensource software for mining in linux. There are many others which are opensource & can be used in windows,mac & linux.

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P2V and V2V migration

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In today’s world on premises infrastructure is been reducing due to majority of the giants,SME’s are going for cloud based hosted infrastructure unless there is a need of major security applications like banking sector etc but now they are also following the approach of P2V(Physical to virtual) and V2V(Virtual to Virtual).

Vmware Converter tools are being rapidly use for this migration. You can use the converter to convert your VM images to migrate to another environment and also to cloud.VMware vCenter Converter Standalone is a free tool that shops can use to import VMs from other virtualization platforms into vSphere or perform a hassle-free P2V & V2V migration.

If you want to know some detailed steps below links might help :-

There are various whitepapers also available on internet for the same.

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My new song a small tribute to salman khan sir


It was a golden opportunity to recreate a small tribute to a lovely track 0 0 Jaane Jaana a small tribute to Salman Khan Sir this song created waves and broke records..brought the gym culture & torn jeans etc…Made from heart, an opportunity to be a model and director on this project..though we cannot be an inch to what Salman lovely bhaijaan did..but an honest attempt..hope you all would love it.

Enjoy.Cheers :)

Alok Thaker

Devops & Open source tools Contributing it

In layman terms Devops is a methodology that communicates,integrates,simplifies the process of software development & information technology making developers & IT admin guys to work together building an automated development process. Devops from my understanding is development + operations.

Devops is a hot cake currently as all IT firms are in need of devops engineers for automating their micro-services, software development needs & IT operations so that releases can be steady & automated.  As we talk about open source & fanatic about it there are various tools I have listed which are quite useful in devops.

  1. Nagios :- A great monitoring tool for monitoring/alerts with full customizations for you & tons of plugins which is ease of use.
  2. Monit :- Sometimes the simplest tools are the most useful, as proven by the simple watchdog Monit. Its role is to ensure that any given process on a machine is up and running appropriately. For example, a failure occurs in Apache, Monit will help to restart the Apache process. It is very easy to setup and configure and is especially useful for multi-service architecture with hundreds of micro-services.
  3. ELK-Elastisearch,Logstash,Kibana :- The ELK Stack is the most common log analytics solution in the modern IT world. It collects logs from all services, applications, networks, tools, servers, and more in an environment into a single, centralized location for processing and analysis.
  4. :- Consul is a great fit for service discovery and configuration in modern, elastic applications that are built from microservices. The open-source tool makes use of the latest technology in providing internal DNS names for services.
  5.  Jenkins :- Everyone knows Jenkins, right? It’s not the fastest or the fanciest, but it’s really easy to start to use and it has a great ecosystem of plugins and add-ons. It is also optimized for easy customization. We have configured Jenkins to build code, create Docker containers (see the next item), run tons of tests, and push to staging/production.
  6. Docker :-Everything that can be said about how Docker is transforming IT environments has already been said. It’s great…life changing, even — (although we’re still experiencing some challenges with it). We use Docker in production for most services. It eases configuration management, control issues, and scaling by allowing containers to be moved from one place to another.
  7. Ansible :- Again, simplicity is key. Ansible is a configuration management tool that is similar to Puppet and Chef.  Personally, we found those two to have more overhead and complexity to our use case– so we decided to go with Ansible instead.
  8. Collectd/Collectl are nifty little tools that gather and store statistics about the system on which they run and are much more flexible than other tools. They allow users to measure the values of multiple system metrics and unlike other log collection tools that are designed to measure specific system parameters, Collectd/l can monitor different parameters in parallel
  9. Git was created 10 years ago following the Linux community’s need for SCM (Source Control Management) software that could support distributed systems. Git is probably the most common source management tool available today.

There are many  other tools available for devops as per your requirements including various tools being developed daily.

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The Linux Guy is on Amazon Prime now

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Today I am glad and proud that my movie “The Linux Guy” has been released on Amazon Prime & Instant Video.  It’s a great feeling that a project which started of a dream in the night comes true after an year of struggle,hard work,patience & diligence. Please feel free to give your reviews,watch,love & share. It has been released in US,UK & canada for the time being, it would be coming in other regions very soon too.



Open source firewall or UTM’s to go for

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There has been lot of discussion about which open source firewall,proxy etc you can use for your organization. Lot of queries have been asked to me for the same.

I personally believe that any firewall cannot prevent you entire from attacks you have to in place a proper unified threat management systems installed at your gateway through which you are providing internet access to your employees in your organization.

There are various commercial choices like sonicwall, cyberoam, sophos, untangle etc but if you know how to use open source components you can configure your own UTM easily. Along with open source UTM’s like ipcop, pfsense,shorewall, clearOS is my personal favorite choice still I won’t say any network is 100% secure because you have malicious softwares like malwares,trojans, viruses getting spreaded daily so in order for providing a robust security I would suggest to through my link posted previously on

Please feel free for any comments or queries. Going to write on creating your own jarvis soon using python in my next post stay tuned.

-Alok Thaker