My new song a small tribute to salman khan sir


It was a golden opportunity to recreate a small tribute to a lovely track 0 0 Jaane Jaana a small tribute to Salman Khan Sir this song created waves and broke records..brought the gym culture & torn jeans etc…Made from heart, an opportunity to be a model and director on this project..though we cannot be an inch to what Salman lovely bhaijaan did..but an honest attempt..hope you all would love it.

Enjoy.Cheers :)

Alok Thaker

Devops & Open source tools Contributing it

In layman terms Devops is a methodology that communicates,integrates,simplifies the process of software development & information technology making developers & IT admin guys to work together building an automated development process. Devops from my understanding is development + operations.

Devops is a hot cake currently as all IT firms are in need of devops engineers for automating their micro-services, software development needs & IT operations so that releases can be steady & automated.  As we talk about open source & fanatic about it there are various tools I have listed which are quite useful in devops.

  1. Nagios :- A great monitoring tool for monitoring/alerts with full customizations for you & tons of plugins which is ease of use.
  2. Monit :- Sometimes the simplest tools are the most useful, as proven by the simple watchdog Monit. Its role is to ensure that any given process on a machine is up and running appropriately. For example, a failure occurs in Apache, Monit will help to restart the Apache process. It is very easy to setup and configure and is especially useful for multi-service architecture with hundreds of micro-services.
  3. ELK-Elastisearch,Logstash,Kibana :- The ELK Stack is the most common log analytics solution in the modern IT world. It collects logs from all services, applications, networks, tools, servers, and more in an environment into a single, centralized location for processing and analysis.
  4. :- Consul is a great fit for service discovery and configuration in modern, elastic applications that are built from microservices. The open-source tool makes use of the latest technology in providing internal DNS names for services.
  5.  Jenkins :- Everyone knows Jenkins, right? It’s not the fastest or the fanciest, but it’s really easy to start to use and it has a great ecosystem of plugins and add-ons. It is also optimized for easy customization. We have configured Jenkins to build code, create Docker containers (see the next item), run tons of tests, and push to staging/production.
  6. Docker :-Everything that can be said about how Docker is transforming IT environments has already been said. It’s great…life changing, even — (although we’re still experiencing some challenges with it). We use Docker in production for most services. It eases configuration management, control issues, and scaling by allowing containers to be moved from one place to another.
  7. Ansible :- Again, simplicity is key. Ansible is a configuration management tool that is similar to Puppet and Chef.  Personally, we found those two to have more overhead and complexity to our use case– so we decided to go with Ansible instead.
  8. Collectd/Collectl are nifty little tools that gather and store statistics about the system on which they run and are much more flexible than other tools. They allow users to measure the values of multiple system metrics and unlike other log collection tools that are designed to measure specific system parameters, Collectd/l can monitor different parameters in parallel
  9. Git was created 10 years ago following the Linux community’s need for SCM (Source Control Management) software that could support distributed systems. Git is probably the most common source management tool available today.

There are many  other tools available for devops as per your requirements including various tools being developed daily.

Please feel free for any queries/comments.



The Linux Guy is on Amazon Prime now

Dear All,

Today I am glad and proud that my movie “The Linux Guy” has been released on Amazon Prime & Instant Video.  It’s a great feeling that a project which started of a dream in the night comes true after an year of struggle,hard work,patience & diligence. Please feel free to give your reviews,watch,love & share. It has been released in US,UK & canada for the time being, it would be coming in other regions very soon too.



Open source firewall or UTM’s to go for

Hello Friends,

There has been lot of discussion about which open source firewall,proxy etc you can use for your organization. Lot of queries have been asked to me for the same.

I personally believe that any firewall cannot prevent you entire from attacks you have to in place a proper unified threat management systems installed at your gateway through which you are providing internet access to your employees in your organization.

There are various commercial choices like sonicwall, cyberoam, sophos, untangle etc but if you know how to use open source components you can configure your own UTM easily. Along with open source UTM’s like ipcop, pfsense,shorewall, clearOS is my personal favorite choice still I won’t say any network is 100% secure because you have malicious softwares like malwares,trojans, viruses getting spreaded daily so in order for providing a robust security I would suggest to through my link posted previously on

Please feel free for any comments or queries. Going to write on creating your own jarvis soon using python in my next post stay tuned.

-Alok Thaker

Got Listed on IMDB in top 40k celeb list with starmeter 39252

Well days have been great this far in 2017…The Linux Guy has been liked and praised in international film festivals including my IMDB starmeter ranking being in top40k list with a starmeter of 39252 with likes of various million celebs in the world.

It feels great when you achieve that kind of feat. imdb-starmeter


I feel a great sense of accomplishment achieving the success which required lot of hard work,pains, financial troubles to make the linux guy a dream project. I am also working on my next project Things To Do which is also a great storyline including Johny a web series consisting of mixed martial arts and a griling drama plus action.

On Linux front I would start some interesting posts by next week and get it more tight and intact on hot topics which would be helpful for all the linuxites.

Thanks for all the love,support and kindness to me and my movie “The Linux Guy”.


Alok Thaker

scp or rsync which one is better for linux & windows ?

Well there has been a debate about faster transfer with security. There would be people having different views on which command you should use for faster file transfer with security and some would also require to resync the data if there is some interruption during traffic etc.

From my side I have used scp and rsynch for remote copy but coming to the conclusion in terms of stablity and reliability I would suggest to go for rsync and not scp. scp can definitely score over rsync in file transfer as rsync build as file transfer list wherease scp just uses ssh protocol to copy the data and put it on remote.

#scp -r test alok@alok01:/opt

The above command would be more faster to copy test directory with alok credentials to servername say alok01  to /opt directory on remote host but what if your transfer breaks or interrupts you have to go back and start the copy again but in this case rsync comes into picture providing more stablity.

#rsync -avz test alok@alok01:/opt

The parameter -a also makes the copy recursive and preserve the modification times, but additionally it copies the symlinks that it encounters as symlinks, preserve the permissions, preserve the owner and group information, and preserve device and special files. This is useful if you are copying the entire home folder of a user, or if you are copying system folders somewhere else.z used for compressing the files while being transferred. Now suppose here your network halts or interrupts would you again do a rsync. Yes but rsync won’t copy the files which are already copied and save your time and patience.

Suppose from you remote host you have deleted any directory or file or updated anything you can always use –delete-after option to run rsync again after interrupted or new transfer too.

#rsync -avz –delete-after test alok@alok01:/opt

Hope this makes you understand when you should use rsync and when scp as per your convenience.

For windows you can always use cwRsync ( for incremental copies,backups etc and also deltacopy ( Winscp( is alternative for windows being scp in Linux.

Feel free for any comments or queries.

Thanks & Regards,


Song on Linux from my movie “The Linux Guy”

There have been very few or almost none a song on Linux being one of my favourite OS. So  I asked my music director to help me a nice song as my movie is titled “The Linux Guy”.

The Linux Guy is an interesting english movie which is going to be released soon. It’s a great story line of losers turning into achievers, talking about youth who are going through a lot then how does a teacher arrival’s in the college turn the thin

So I want an emotional connect in the song and it took lots of understanding/brainstorming sessions to make this song possible and I hope all linuxites,linux lovers would love,watch and share this song from my movie “The Linux Guy”. It’s great that we also got listed on imdb :-

Please don’t forget to watch this song. Please love,share and subscribe.


Alok Thaker

Why should you watch my movie “The Linux Guy” ?

Hello Friends,

I have been earning my bread and butter since last 8 years of my career and have been love with this fantastics OS i.e called Linux which has been a milestone breakthrough in IT introducing open source philosophy considering enormous amount of money for the companies who required to run proprietary software paying huge licensing fees for the renewal,support and upgrades.

This idea of developing a new OS by Sir Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman the main man behind the open source (GPL) brought a revolution by introducing OS & Softwares with Linux clubbed with open source model under GPL(General Public License).

I always was thinking out of box and do something in the entertainment industry along with my regular job. It took time and guts to make a movie called “The Linux Guy” to give something back to the linux the OS which has paid my bills and also helped many students of mine to get a good remuneration jobs across the world. I was nicnk named as “The Linux Guy” being invited to various open source conferences to speak on Linux along with various colleges ,schools and universities. Linux also got me published in newspaper and also helped many students to undertake the non conventional careers under Linux like Linux system administration,networking-security, embedded Linux, device drivers, cloud etc.

So my movie is almost complete and I would insist once that every Linuxite and IT professional should watch my movie and support me. I have given my heart and soul including my hard earned money to this movie.  Please support me and spread the word among your circles,groups,network of friends & relatives to watch my movie “The Linux Guy”


Alok Thaker

Open source Document Management Systems

Documents management has been very important  for every organization for the process and handling of various important documents for travel, employees, financial, expenses etc. So there is a very important need of a good document management system which is cost efficient and also easy to use so here I am listing out some of the open source document management systems which can fit in your needs and save a big cost to your company too.

I personally prefer openKM which is one of the best document management system which allows businesses to control the production, storage, management and distribution of electronic documents, yielding greater effectiveness and the ability to reuse information and to control the flow of the documents. More details

I am also a big fan of alfresco which has it’s own both enterprise and open source community versions as per your needs and it is one of the best in support when you go for commercial enterprise licenses making it at par with other document management system.  More details

Another one of the good DMS is LogicalDoc where documents can be organized into hierarchical folders, searched using the integrated search engine, or browsed by Tag.The application is implemented as a plugin system that allows users to add new features. More details

One of the DMS which is based on php is opendocman which is quite easy to setup and use with a very friendly user interface including auto-updates, revision tracking etc. More details on

There might be others too but which I have not covered personally because I haven’t used them in my career so please feel free to explore at your end but I tried to get the best ones for you.

Feel free for any comments or queries.

-Alok Thaker